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What to do with your investment in DHA Islamabad’s Phase II

Posted by Admin on April 21, 2016
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DHA Islamabad is seeing colossal movement nowadays as far as land advancement. As of now, rapid work in progress in different pieces of various stages and property ownership is being conceded at the same time.

Of all the stages, it is Phase II squares situated over the Islamabad Expressway – Blocks K, L, M, P and Q – that have been making a significant mix. Expedient improvement work in these pieces has brought along a pleasant ascent in property estimations. All things considered, property rates have gone up by 27%.

How about we observe the value rising in these pieces one by one.

Block K

Due to its area on the Islamabad Expressway, Block K was produced on a need premise and ownership was offered immediately. Including 1-kanal private plots, it is a standout amongst the most costly squares with rates fluctuating between PKR 11,000,000 and PKR 15,000,000. As per details recorded, the normal estimation of these plots has gone up by 29% in the most recent year.

Block L

In Block L, 100% of the plots have ownership. Much the same as Block K, the larger part of plots in this square are 1-kanal in size. Contingent upon area, costs range from PKR 9,000,000 to PKR 13,000,000. In the most recent one year, the normal deal cost of property in Block L has gone up by 21%. Here is the thing that the value rising looks like graphically:

Block M

Block M also has 100% possession. Here, the sale price of 1-kanal residential plots ranges between PKR 8,500,000 to PKR 12,500,000. Per pakacres.com’s stats, the average property price has risen by 22% in one year.


Block P

Block P is one of the most recommended blocks of Phase II. The average price appreciation has been the most striking here – a whopping 46%. Property rates in this block fall between PKR 8,500,000 and 11,000,000.

Possession of only 20% of the area has been granted in this block, which suggests that there are chances that property rates with rise by another 10% to 15% in the coming few months. However, bear in mind that the price escalation is already quite impressive, so further ascents will not be as stark.


Block Q

Property possession of 45% of the land has been granted here. In terms of location and rates, it is quite similar to Block P except that prices here have gone up by 28%. In this block, rates fall between PKR 8,500,000 and PKR




What to do now?

The present improvement status and rates recommend that these squares have achieved their top and any further ascent will be steady and minimal. Through the plateform of www.pakacres.com, we have been foreseeing this rising for some time now and on the off chance that you took the guidance, I am certain you are content with the outcomes. On the off chance that you wish to offer your plot and reinvest somewhere else, now is a decent time.


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